Geeta Saar

As per Bhagwad Gita’s 11th Shlok of 6th chapter, sheep wool is considered as 100% alternative of Deer’s skin. If you meditate on a piece of cloth then you will face poverty. If you sit on rock and do the meditation than you are cursed with illness. If you sit on piece of wooden plank and then meditate than it will be useless.
If we want Moksh, knowledge and always to stay healthy for that Sheep wool is a must.
White wool we get from a baby lamb which is born from mother’s womb. When you use such kind of wool for sitting or sleeping purpose the benefit of that is immense, Other factors are eliminated. While sleeping on these mattress you will never have the problem of blood pressure, heart problems.
This product is also very useful during meditation, which helps in synchronizing body and soul.
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